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My name is Tamara Thompson, I'm 22 and lead a no B.S. life. Beautiful things make me smile and i love creative invention. This blog is a reflection of who I am in who and what i love.


14 April 14

anxiety is terrible, you could be having an attack and no one would even know because it’s an inward thing. it feels like you’re malfunctioning and you can’t process your own thoughts. you get a knot in your stomach and you can’t take a full breath but outwardly you can literally just sit there and look completely normal as long as no one tries to speak to you.

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If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls - Video


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13 April 14

Things that make me happy

  1. Sleeping through long car rides
  2. Taste of salt from the ocean on my lips
  3. That moment of silence between sleep and when everyone stops talking
  4. Not waking up alone
  5. The feeling of bass when the volumes at max
  6. Drunken sing a longs
  7. Good night texts
  8. When the beatles come on the radio
  9. The feeling of bare skin
  10. Comfortable silences
  11. Wine stained lips
  12. Airports
  13. Warm concrete
  14. Sitting underwater
  15. People looking at themselves in your sunglasses
  16. The feeling of a trap door opening in your stomach when your nervous or excitied or scared

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i never hit reblog so fast in my life

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9 April 14

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sometimes I kiss people I shouldn’t kiss and let them unbutton my jeans sometimes I leave English class without asking and walk in angular circles until I can hear the blood rushing under my skin sometimes I run until I can’t breathe sometimes I sit in the rain sometimes I sleep for six hours in the middle of the day

sometimes I drive too fast and listen to my music so loud that it hurts sometimes I drink until everything goes black and I don’t remember talking about you all night (even though I do)

sometimes I cry about books and about people who died hundreds of years ago sometimes I don’t cry even though I want to more than anything sometimes I ignore the people I love sometimes hold myself to keep everything in because you are not here to do it

sometimes I think I’m alive sometimes I think I probably never will be

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6 April 14
If a girl is lucky enough to receive any sex education, she will be taught the biological basics. She’ll learn that men have penises and testicles and produce sperm and women have vaginas and uterii and produce ova. She’ll learn that when a man and a woman have sex, the man inserts his penis into the woman’s vagina until he ejaculates. She’ll learn that the semen in the ejaculate will render her vulnerable to pregnancy so she will have to protect herself by using a hormonal or a barrier contraceptive. Hormonal contraception is preferable because barrier methods such as condoms, while safer for women, apparently reduce sensation for men which is obviously a no-no. It’s much better that a woman take a pill every day for her entire reproductive lifespan, or get a painful injection every 12 weeks, or have a copper rod inserted into her uterus, or a silicone rod implanted into her arm. She probably won’t learn that 3 out of 4 women never orgasm from vaginal intercourse. She almost definitely won’t learn how women do achieve orgasm. She’ll learn her place as a receptacle.

Let Me Slip Into Something A Little Less Comfortable (via radical-bias)

"She probably won’t learn that 3 out of 4 women never orgasm from vaginal intercourse." <- This is key and young women should be told the truth.

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5 April 14
Toxic masculinity hurts men, but there’s a big difference between women dealing with the constant threat of being raped, beaten, and killed by the men in their lives, and men not being able to cry.
— Robert Jensen (via anorsexic)

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I am thinking it’s a sign

That the freckles in our eyes

Are mirror images and when we kiss

They’re perfectly aligned

Such Great Heights // Iron And Wine

I used to listen to this to fall asleep aaaaaaall the time

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4 April 14







People need to realize the significance of this post, because when I reblogged it it was just blank so I think some people may not understand what this is trying to say

Adopting an animal (or buying from someone close to you who has recently had puppies, kittens, etc) is not like simply going to the store and buying a toy. You do not just get to throw it away once you are done with it and it stops being cute in your eyes

This is a real living thing that has emotions, needs, and wants, not something to be thrown away when YOU are done after YOU entered at commitment to raise and care for this animal. 

What’s just as bad as dumping the animal off just anywhere you want, whether it be on the side of the road or in a shelter, is that a lot of these animals end up dying after that. Animals are NOT always adopted and strays are not always picked up. Animals can get put down, run over, tortured, and a list of other things 

People should really think about what they are responsible for before they bring an animal into their life

Not to mention that that animal loves you, you are his world, and when you drop him off at the shelter - or worse, in the street - you are abandoning him. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, he thinks you’ll come back, maybe you just dropped him off for a bit and you’ll come back to him.
Not only did you make a commitment, but that animal loves you and throwing them away isn’t just breaking that commitment, it’s throwing away someone who doesn’t understand why you don’t love him anymore and where you went.


This breaks my god damn heart. Fuck.

Never give up on a pet. Ugh. This hurts my heart so much.

This post is 100% accurate. Animals deserve to be a family member!

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30 March 14

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I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion.
— Sade Harrison (via blockaleshia)

Probably a little too much for my own good.

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28 March 14
My poor mother
begged for a sheep
but raised a wolf.
Michelle K., Four Rhythms. (via lefiguier)

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh